Each event is different, and even similar bouquets and times frames will change depending on the time of year, location, etc. I would love to tell you on this website exactly what you will get and how, but I want and need to work with each event individually.

Here are some general guidelines and starting points; we'll chat further details whenever you are ready!



Do you only do weddings?

No. I do work out of my home, so weddings are the most time-effective way for
me plan for and execute my design capabilities, but I love variety and would
enjoy working with you on any of your floral needs.

Where are you located?

I work out of my home in Cary, NC, but I am more than happy to work with anyone in the Raleigh/Durham area. I am open to going a bit further out if my schedule allows for it.
I will deliver arrangements anywhere in the area, delivery fees depending on how close/far you are from me. If you want to save yourself the delivery fee, you are more than welcome to come and pick your arrangements up as well.
How far in advance should I book my florist?

For me, about 6 months is just right, could be less, could be more. When you reserve anything further in advance, obviously you ensure availability, but I'm very flexible.

How do I start this process?

First, email or call me with your date, number of bridesmaids (helps me to get an idea of size of the wedding), anything particularly significant about your event, and how and when I can contact you. I will get back to you within 2-3 days, 

and we'll chat basics.

If our schedules look good, we'll meet somewhere for coffee, look at some ideas, and start on an estimate. I will email or send you a copy of the estimate within a week of our meeting; 

if you like what you see, I'll have you sign the estimate and send it back with a 10% deposit of the estimate.


This deposit will secure your date and is refundable up until 30 days prior to your event. If there is anything that you are not comfortable with in the estimate, we'll talk through any details prior to you signing the estimate.

How and when do I pay you in full?

Your final bill (the remaining 90% after the deposit) is due the week prior to your event. In that I am a small business, I accept checks or cash.

What are your prices?

As I mentioned above, each event is very different, but in general, expect an average bridal bouquet to start around $50-75, bridesmaids will be a little less. Corsages and boutonnieres will start around $5-10. Vased arrangements will start around $25. All prices will vary depending on the types of cuts you want, the time of year your event is taking place, and how large your event is.

What if I would like to talk to someone else about your work?

Several previous brides/customers have offered themselves as references for you to contact. Let me know if you would like their information, and I will gladly give you their contact information.

How and when will my arrangements be delivered?

As I mentioned above, I am more than happy to deliver your arrangements for a delivery fee based on how far away I am to your venue. You are also welcome to pick your arrangements up yourself. When we discuss your estimate and date, we will work out a delivery/pick up time that fits our schedules.

Contact Me:

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(317) 908-9831


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