I started arranging flowers in high school, putting together boutonnieres and bouquets for sisters and friends going to prom. In college, I designed the flowers for the centerpeices at my sister's wedding. At this time, my hobby started to evolve into an honest interest in the profession.


The summer I was married, I talked one of the guys at a local farmer's market into letting me work for him. I spent that summer putting together hundreds of hand-held bouquets and began doing my first weddings.  I learned my basics: types of flowers, when specific flowers are in season, when cuts are the freshest and best to work with, and I started to establish my own style.


When we moved to Duluth, MN, I started working for a family-owned flower and gift shop; for the next three and a half years, flowers were my business. Here I learned the real in's and out's of the floral design industry.  I started doing weddings, cakes, alter peices, center peices, and oh, so many corsages!  And I loved it!


When my husband's career moved us away from MN and our family started to grow, I continued doing flowers for friends and family from home. Now I've been on my own as Meg's Flowers since 2006, running this little business from our house.

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Meg's Flowers
Cary, NC 27511

(317) 908-9831


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